Miracle Deliverance Temple of Christ
Thursday, July 18, 2024

OBAM is a benevolent outreach ministry operated through Miracle Deliverance Temple of Christ, a 501(C )(3) faith based operation in Montgomery Alabama. Operation Be a Miracle or OBAM was founded in 1992 for the purpose of assisting church members with emergency financial aid. It has expanded as an outreach to help the poor and destitute anywhere there is a need.

OBAM’s purpose is to provide limited emergency aid to those in need of food, clothing, medical assistance, shelter and utilities. Along with meeting the physical needs, recipients are afforded the opportunity to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Those in need of assistance are referred to OBAM through a network of benevolent organizations. Anyone requesting aid may dial (334) 593-7963 and receive information on when and where to go to obtain an application for assistance. An interview is conducted during the application process. Documentation and I.D.’s are necessary for OBAM assistance. Up to a ten day waiting period is needed for verification of documentation and approval. If an applicant is approved, a check will be made payable to the party owed. OBAM has policies regarding limits on amounts of financial assistance given, the number of times one can request assistance during a one year period, background checks etc.

OBAM seeks to network with more and more churches in and around the Montgomery area in order to meet the needs of the poor and destitute so that no one should have to go lacking. (Acts 4)

Any church or agency interested in being a participant in the benevolent referral network, need only to agree to have the name of your church or organization on the referral list along with a phone number.

If you would like to add your church to the referral list please go to the Contact Us page and submit the name and phone number of your church.

Phone: 334-593-7963
Pastor: Aaron Motley
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